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HAT 2000

Race Story, 2000 results, photos.

HAT Run 2000 Stats:

305 starters and 229 finishers. In 1999 the HAT Run was the

4th largest 50 K in the US and the largest east of the Mississippi.

In 2000 it was the 3rd largest

HAT 2002: 2002 Final Results:

2002 HAT Run Story and interview with Barry Lewis

John Prohira's HAT Run story on the VHTRC site

HAT Run 2002 Stats:

320 started and 258 finished.


HAT 2001: Race Story , Race results and photos.

Participant experiences can be found on the misc page.

HAT Run 2001 Stats:

299 starters, 248 finishers and 17 no-shows