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19 March 2016 the 28th Running of the HAT Run

28 years of the Susquehanna trails under our feet!

So a bit of history. The first HAT Run was in 1988 and it was between 28-30 miles long. It was 4 loops of a 7-7.5 mile loop I liked to run in the park. After the event I was asked why we didn't extend the course another mile and make it a 50K. So in 1989 the first HAT 50K was ran.

Phil Anderson is the co-founder of the HAT Run (the A in HAT) and a 20-plus year veteran of running ultras. He served as the president of our local running club for nearly 10 years. Phil celebrated his sixth-year anniversary of surviving a stroke, a month after the 2007 HAT Run.

Tim Gavin and Ginn White are now the co-directors since Phil retired. We will continue to strive for an event that is both accessable to first-time ultra runners and a challenging (read as fun) early season training run for veterans. We had great coverage in the July/August Trail Runner Magazine, and we give special thanks to both runner/author Barry Lewis for the article and runner/photographer Geoffrey Baker for the photos.

Our goal is to ensure we keep the cost of the race down, the level of race premiums up, and that early entrants get the size they select. Last year, our cost rose $1 to $76. This was to cover the increase per-user-fee of the park.

Every year, it is good to see past entrants and the new faces, as well. We are seeing a new generation of runners entering the sport. Many have only run in high-tech fabrics and don't know of the days when a versatile ultra shirt was a long sleeve cotton dress shirt - roll up the sleeves if you get hot - with a button down collar, of course.

We hope you will come and enjoy the run in 2016!



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